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Every client, large or small, will receive the best care and support we can provide.  We select vendors to Red Coyote Services who offer that level of support, allowing us to provide the highest level of support for all.

Red Coyote Services is a client-centric organization formulated over decades of consistent and caring attention to our customers developed by the i5 web works management team.

The predecessor to Red Coyote Services was i5 web works, a company we managed for 22 years. We sold to Nav Media and became part of On Target.  i5 was our first client-centric company with a genuine focus on customers, their well-being, and our desire to provide a rich personal service.

We, all of us, deal with companies large and small every day.  And as long as everything works, we have no concern.  Occasionally, we need a responsive company for the inevitable exception where the product or service fails.  When that happens, you need to be able to contact a company representative who has the ability and desire to deal with the issue at hand and resolve it to your satisfaction.  That is Red Coyote Services in a nutshell!  We care and will do what is necessary to restore your service or fix your product! Period.

Red Coyote Services doesn’t have AI bots that cannot solve the most rudimentary issue but attempt to make you feel better.  Nor do we send you to a call center where English is the second or third language of the person trying to assist you.  They almost always care but likely do not truly understand your questions or concerns.

We cannot always answer your call immediately, but we will be responsive and will work to correct the issue with haste.

Don’t take our word for it.  Go to Websites We Built and Host and ask them.

Or, give us a call and we will talk about your expectations and how we might work with those expectations.  If calling is too personal, send us a note,



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