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Does content still remain king?


But any king who does their job well has numerous advisors helping them.

To do its job well, content still needs help from SEO. You don’t simply crank out some “good content” every month and get amazing rankings.

That helps you with SEO.

But you’re missing out on some nice gains if you don’t do these things:

  1. No Keyword Optimization

Yes, Google still needs keyword optimization in 2017. And it always will.

Google needs some way to identify where your content should rank. And it has no problem when you use keywords to help it understand that.

The big change between Google now and the Google of the past is how you do SEO.

Blog posts and web pages need the focus keyword in their title. It can’t be obvious.

That keyword, and variations of it, need to appear in your content 1-2x. You can possibly do it slightly more frequently than that.

That’s it. But, that can make a huge difference because you may have the ability to rank for a particular keyword and get more search traffic from that ranking.

Otherwise, Google may simply rank you how it wants. And possibly, you’ll never hit the top 5 for the keywords it chooses. That means less or no traffic. And a dent in sales.

  1. No Strategic Internal Linking

Besides helping your users navigate to areas of your website they’ll find useful, internal links also boost your SEO.

The “link juice” from external links points to your website’s pages. On each of your pages, you have a few links. They get some of that juice, and then they pass that juice on to the pages they link to.

You can do internal linking strategically to pass link juice to pages you want to rank high.

You’ll also want to optimize the anchor text of your internal links with various keywords you want to rank for.

  1. You Don’t Optimize Your Videos or Images

This still gets over looked. Images have “alt text.” This tag gives info on the image. It’s an appropriate place to put your keywords. These keywords display if the image fails to load for whatever reason. And they also improve your SEO too.

With videos, put them all in a single directory on your web server and create a site map. This makes it easy for search engines to find and index them.

Videos also have a “meta description,” where it’s natural to insert a keyword or two.


None of these tips are hard. Or time-consuming.

With them in your arsenal, you’ll get better rankings for more phrases. And that leads to customers and sales.



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