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Digital marketing/SEO moves fast. You can exploit an opportunity your competitors close in on in just 30, 60, or 90 days—or even 6 months. None of those are a long time in the internet marketing world.

Yet, what if you could create a competitive advantage other companies simply can’t reproduce anytime soon? For example, it might take them years to execute something similar themselves.

These opportunities do exist online, and when you find them, they’re huge. This is because your customers have a reason to do business with you rather than other companies that do the same thing.

Let’s examine some ways to make this happen:

  1. Creating the Perception That You’re an Authority

Becoming a perceived authority, or leading expert, takes a lot of time and effort. Think of Bob Vila, for example.

You can do the same online by getting published on reputable blogs. You might also have a variety of video or podcast interviews.

It takes time to create a perception of authority. Yet, once you’ve made it in this regard, it will take your competitors the same amount of time—or even longer—to catch up.

  1. Making Vastly Superior Content Your Competitors Can’t Match

This one’s a little harder to pull off because people typically assume content published on authoritative blogs has more credibility than content posted on your own blog.

Yet, it’s simple to do. Check out what your competitors offer with respect to content. Then, offer the same—but a version 10 times better. Go so far in depth that soon enough, you’ll become the proverbial encyclopedia on your specific subject.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. But remember this: the quality of your content determines the quality of the customers who come to you. Make a quick job of it, and you’ll haul in low-paying customers who complain and/or dodge payments. Work hard, and you’ll win customers who buy based on value and seek out long-term relationships.

  1. Become the First in Your Niche to Do Something New or Different with Content

Anytime you use the words “first,” “new,” or “different” in business, you’re on the right track. With content, this is difficult to pull off because there’s so much of it out there desperate for eyeballs to consume it.

Moreover, you really need to study what everyone else does so you can break through as “new” or “different.” Perhaps this means creating detailed videos of how to perform maintenance on various types of air conditioners and posting them on your website, for example. Keep in mind that these videos don’t need to look “perfect.” They simply need to be clear enough so your audience can easily understand what to do. Hence, your smartphone can suffice in this regard.

None of these tactics is fast or easy; but then again, nothing that works well in business ever is. Make sure you keep these in mind as you look to win the ever-present internet marketing wars.



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