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Today, it’s so easy to outsource. And, you can outsource literally every aspect of your business.

Websites make it easy to find contractors from around the globe willing to do anything. The cloud makes it possible to get just about any kind of software. SaaS means you can get what used to be expensive software at affordable monthly prices.

But that doesn’t mean you should outsource everything you do. So what should you outsource?

Some suggestions:

  1. Website Design

Let’s put it bluntly: design is hard to learn. First of all, coding is a language all its own. It’s not easy to pick up on. And it takes a lot of time to do, even if you are already a designer.

Your other option? Use a template website that you can modify. But, you can guarantee you won’t be able to make your website look exactly the way you want. Or one that’s best for your customers.

Plus, a professional design makes a clear, positive impact on your website’s visitors. And on top of that, you need to do a fair amount of routine updating to keep your website operable and secure. It’s a lot of grunt work you don’t want to do.

  1.  Business Apps

If your company doesn’t have the money for an IT team, outsource your business applications as much as possible. Office 365 and Google Apps work great for your typical business functions. For example, you can get all the basic office applications for just $5 per month.

That means you don’t have to deal with all the updates and bugs or licensing. It’s all done for you by Microsoft at an affordable price.

  1. Anything You’re Not the Best At

As a business owner, you know your strengths. You’re a good bookkeeper, but maybe you’re not the best salesperson. In business, it always pays off best when you focus on your strengths, rather than improving your weaknesses.

So make a list of what you do well. And make a list of what you struggle with. Find ways to outsource what you struggle with.

  1. SEO

Make no mistake about it. Search engine optimization is amazingly more complex and time-consuming than it was just a few years ago.

Unless you want to be a full-time SEO specialist for your company, you should outsource it. But that’s where many companies make a mistake.

You can outsource it cheaply, but you’re guaranteed trouble if you do. Instead, talk to multiple vendors to see how they work. Use one that charges at least competitive rates, if not more.

It’s far easier and less costly to start a business these days. But you still have to make wise decisions as you outsource. And hopefully, these get you on the right path to doing that.



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