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When you get a good SEO company, it’s a wonderful thing. Leads and sales come pouring through. You make money. They make money. Everyone’s happy.

But as you know, sometimes SEO companies aren’t honest like they should be.

In the case of PPC, what are some signs that your SEO company shouldn’t be trusted?

Let us explain a few:

  1. You Notice Duplicate Keywords in Your Account

Don’t just look at the report you’re sent. Instead, go straight into your Adwords account and examine the data. Don’t make any changes.

But do look at it carefully. If you see duplicate keywords targeted in different campaigns, that’s not an accident. It’s careless. You should strongly question your SEO company as a result.

  1. You Notice Ridiculously Low Daily Budgets

If you see a daily budget of, say $5 – $10 per day, that’s ridiculously low, and especially so for local companies. Local business keywords, especially for service-based companies, run $20 – $80 per click.

National keywords can also be quite costly too.

One instance where a super-low budget is appropriate is with e-commerce products. Those can cost just 20-50 cents per click in some cases.

  1. Missing Call to Action

View how your ads display in your Adwords account. Every ad should have some sort of language telling the viewer of the ad to act. “Buy now,” “click now,” “call now.”

Finding the best one is hard. So that’s something you should be patient with.

But if you see no call to action at all, then you have a beginning company. Your results will take a beating. You’ll have to consider whether you want to stay with them.

  1. A Consistent Experience Among the Keyword, Ad, and Landing Page

PPC ads are a simple “sales funnel,” as marketers call it. The first interaction is with the title. Then the user clicks the ad. Then they make it to your landing page. And then they buy products or call you.

Through each of those steps, users should see some of the same key words. And the general idea for all should be the same.

If it’s not, you confuse your customers. And then you lose sales. Every company should deliver you a consistent experience across all those steps.

They’re not an experienced company if they don’t.

So if you notice any of those PPC mistakes, be wary of the company managing your PPC campaigns. And consider getting an expert opinion from a couple others.



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