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After reading the title of this post, you might think to yourself, “Well, they’re just saying that to make money.”

You can certainly look at it that way. Hey, if we’re not going to convince you, you’re definitely better off doing it on your own. However, once you become sick and tired of performing your own SEO after realizing just how cumbersome the labor involved truly is, you might have a different opinion. But, as the old saying goes, pain is the greatest teacher.

If you’re wondering why it’s a good idea to outsource your SEO, some of these reasons may make sense to you:

  1. There’s Nothing Easy about SEO Anymore

Back before anyone knew anything about it, SEO was simple. Remember seeing those web pages loaded with paragraphs of nonsensical keywords around 2005 or so? That was SEO. Of course, do that today, and you’ll get booted from the search rankings in a heartbeat—and possibly never return.

Now, it takes teams of people working in tandem to get you ranked for your target keywords—even if they’re not intensely high in competition.

  1. SEO Quickly Evolves

Google’s algorithm changes so fast its own engineers can’t even tell you exactly what works. Of course, they know the principles and have a general sense of the best approach, but if you ask them specific questions you won’t always get straight answers in return.

Do you have the time to stay updated on Google and run your own business too?

  1. Google Doesn’t Accept Ignorance as an Excuse

What, you don’t know about the latest change? Guess what…your website violates that change…tough luck. Google will penalize you and feel not one bit sorry about it.

It’s your problem to deal with. While it’s rare, you can wake up one day to find that all of your traffic—and sales—have tanked. Not only that, but Google won’t always tell you why.

  1. Pros Have the Right Tools

Spreadsheets just barely get you through. Plus, there’s a nearly infinite number of tools you can use to help execute your SEO. Some work better than others, but you need to use them for a while first to fully familiarize yourself with their potential.

This is precisely where the SEO experts come in. They’ve already vetted the tools and established efficient processes. It takes years to fine-tune these—even if you do it full-time!

Wrapping Up

SEO marketing is just as difficult as any other job. So, keep this in mind the next time you consider performing your own SEO.

Do you really want another full-time job in addition to everything you already do for your business? Yeah, we thought so.



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