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You do go back to your website and check it to make sure everything’s spot-on, don’t you?

You do that with your car, business processes, and virtually everything you own, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your website?

It’s easy to get so busy during the holidays and cooler Winter months that you may completely forget to do this.

What should you check for anyway?

Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Check Your Blog Content

Just a couple minutes analyzing your blog can lead to big changes in the future. First off, at the local business level, most SMBs don’t blog consistently. Figure out a schedule you can commit to (at least 2 posts per month, but 4-8 is better), and stick to it.

Also, do a quick check in Google Analytics to see which posts readers like best. Go to “Behavior à Site Content à All Pages.” Check both the “Pageviews” and “Avg. Time on Page” columns.

Low pageviews isn’t necessarily bad – it may mean no one can find your posts. However, you always want that average time on page to be at least 2 minutes or so. See which of your posts get read the longest, try to figure out what makes them great, and give your audience more of the same.

  1. Revise Your Static Web Pages

Is your home page still accurate? Or have you learned more reasons your market likes to buy? What about your “About” page? Have you had changes in your team’s structure?

Do you now offer new services? Are your prices on your site and do they need to be changed?

  1. Add Videos to Your Website

You could add a video to every page – if you’re ambitious. Otherwise, make sure you have one on your home page.

Videos aren’t just pretty – they boost your conversions too. You could also place them on your “About” page to introduce team members. On your services pages, you can show the value your services offer, or even add video testimonials.

  1. Simplify Your Contact Form & Newsletter Registration

For your newsletter list, all you need is the first name and an e-mail address. Seriously – the simpler you make it, the more people subscribe.

With your contact form, you can get a little more complex. Conversion rate experts suggest that highly complex forms (8 fields+) get you more qualified prospects. If you want volume, make yours simpler (3-5 fields).

  1. A More Enticing Offer

You don’t want to promise the moon on your website when you can’t deliver on it. But, you do want to make your offer as compelling as possible.

To do that, you must outline your ideal customer’s problem in excruciatingly vivid detail, and then paint a beautiful picture of how better their lives will be after they use your product or service.

If you check and tweak all those things, your website will start bringing in new customers!



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