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“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” Remember how the cliché newspaper boy from the 1920s would shout out these infamous words to grab your attention and then hand out a newspaper with an exciting title in giant black letters you couldn’t possibly miss?

While you shouldn’t necessarily summon your inner newsboy with your pay-per-click (PPC) ads, the general point remains the same: your PPC ad titles must work hard to capture attention as fascinating tidbits your prospective customers can’t ignore.

So, how exactly can you do that? Here are some ideas:

  1. Differentiate

You know your niche. You can also easily research your competitors’ PPC ad headlines. Simply differentiate to stand out!

Remember that when searchers see the same headlines over and over again, they get used to them and stop paying attention to what they say. Find a way to be different, and you’ll reap the rewards of additional clicks and sales.

  1. Tell Searchers What a Click Will Get Them

Do you offer a free consultation? Even better, can you change the wording to more accurately reflect what your customers will get from your consultation?

For example, an HVAC company could say, “Get your free home comfort analysis today!” Comfort: it’s what people ultimately want from their HVAC systems, isn’t it? Consider how you can use this same thinking to create an attractive offer within your own niche.

  1. Use Numbers and Symbols

When people view search listings, they typically see lots of letters. It’s for this reason that numbers and symbols—because they look different—are better at grabbing eyeballs.

So instead of “Save Big!” say “Save Up to 50% Now!” or “Save $$$” or “Save $25 Now!” You can expect more sales as a result.

  1. Compare Your Offer to Competitive Options

There’s no need to call your competitors out by name, but you can certainly observe their PPC ads and corresponding discounts. Then, if it makes sense for your business, simply top their offer—even by a little bit! If you you’d rather not offer discounts, toss something else in for free when customers place an order.

  1. Pre-Qualify Customers

Do you offer a pricier service to an exclusive market segment? If so, make your ad qualify searchers in an obvious way and consider mentioning the price (e.g., “Starting at $950”).

This will prevent people who will never make a purchase from clicking on your ads and help your niche understand that you created your offer just for them: a powerful trigger to drive buying behavior.

Armed with these techniques, you’ll find it simple to create cost-efficient PPC ads that drive high-revenue, loyal customers!



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