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Before you run out and dive head-first into getting that new marketing service, learn more about the service to see if it is the right fit for you and what you are looking to do.  In the marketing world, we call pursuing the latest and greatest thing “chasing shiny objects.”  It’s certainly okay and helps your business in the right situations.

But what are examples of situations where video marketing really works?  Check out a few below:

  1. Product Descriptions for E-commerce Sites – They help improve SEO and conversions, according to EConsultancy.  If you run an e-commerce site, post them on your product pages and show how the product works.  But, also be aware their usefulness maximizes when you include them in e-mail newsletters, post them on your social networks, and when you create a dedicated channel at YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. Customer testimonials – Social proof helps sell your product or service, no matter what it is.  The video doesn’t have to be elaborate – it just has to come off as legit and credible.  Your customer should give their full name, describe how the process worked and what they liked about it, and most importantly they should discuss the specific result you achieved for them.  Put these videos on your home pages, product pages, or service pages.
  3. Introduce your company on your home page – The know/like/trust factor is amplified when you use video.  On your home page, run a brief video, 1-2 minutes long or so.  The video should profile your staff and show in a nutshell how they work together to deliver a valuable service to your customers.
  4. Show how charitable donations went to benefit a local cause – If you have any positive press, this can be a good use of video.  Donating to charity is a great way to make positive news happen at any time if none is happening.  You can incorporate this type of video on your blog.  Or, if you are heavily invested into content marketing, you might have a “newsroom” section on your website where regular updates are made.
  5. Add video as a tour on your “about us” page – Take people on a virtual tour of your physical location.  This again helps with the know/like/trust factor.  Can you name any of your competitors who do this?  It’s tough to do and video could really help your odds of standing out from the competition.

Tips for Making it Work

You’re not a professional actor, but the good news is that for video marketing on your website you don’t need to be.  Keep the following in mind for maximum effectiveness when shooting your video:

At i5ww, we offer several video production packages to help you make a spectacular impression on your customers.  Learn more about our video production services.



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