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6 Reasons Organic Search is Superior to Paid Search

When you first start marketing your website online, you have an important decision to make.

Are you going to focus on paid or organic search at first?

The simple truth: neither strategy is “better.” Both have advantages and drawbacks.

But today, we’re going to look at the major reasons why organic might work better for you than paid search.

And here are some of those reasons:

  1. Searchers Trust Organic Results More

Since anyone can just pay to get to the top of the PPC listings, why should consumers trust those? When you hit #1 – 3 consistently across multiple organic searches, you get a whole lot more trust and credibility.

So you get more clicks and sales (over the long-term) as a result.

  1. It’s Easier and Less Costly to Keep Your High Rankings

Getting high organic rankings is the hard and costly part. Staying there isn’t as difficult. Your search listing can rank high for months, or even years, with little additional work.

  1. Organic Works Better for Products and Services with Longer Buying Cycles

If it takes months for a business owner to research your service and compare it with multiple other companies, organic is superior. Searcher’s intent with organic searches is usually to learn more. With PPC, they’re much more ready to buy.

  1. Organic Search Works Well for Selling Services

Products are ordered quickly and then the customer’s done. Services, however, include much more hassle. Will the contractor provide a good service? How much will it cost? What are the comparable options? Plus, you usually want to get a good long-term relationship out of the deal. So you’re going to be more careful and do more research before hiring someone to perform a service.

  1. SEO Boosts Your Rankings on All Search Engines

With PPC, you get a top position on Google or Bing, and that’s it. When you optimize for SEO, you gain visibility on all search engines.

  1. SEO Also Increases Awareness of Your Brand

While you’re getting all of these SEO benefits, it also increases your branding. So even if someone doesn’t click on your search result right now, they’ll get familiar with your name. After seeing you several times, they might realize it’s time to give you a closer look and click on your search result.

Using SEO and PPC together works best. But if you have a limited budget to spend now, these are reasons why you might go with SEO instead of PPC.



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