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First of all, what is a call-to-action (CTA)?

You’ve seen thousands of them online and offline. It’s where you ask your potential customers to actually call, e-mail, or purchase from you.

Now, you can write super boring ones that don’t get much in the way of conversions. And then you can write amazing CTAs that sell off the charts.

Let’s take a look at one that doesn’t work so well. In this case, it’s to get people to subscribe to your newsletter:

Why it doesn’t work: It’s simple and straightforward, but there’s no answer to your customer’s question, “What’s in it for me?”

You talk about subscribing, your newsletter, and e-mail. Customers can get those things anywhere. There’s nothing unique about it.

Yes, you will still get some subscriptions, but you get many more of them when you use benefits in your call-to-action.

Example of a benefits-oriented CTA:

If you sell HVAC services and equipment, that’s a great CTA to use. You already know your market wants this information. You could also test these and see how your market responds:

You never really know which one works best for your market. And sometimes, they become blind to your CTA after you use the same one for a while. So you have to switch things up to keep them working.

Other CTA Tips

So you see how CTAs work. Now here’s a few more tips to make them work well for your market:

  1. Show the value of your FREE offer: People will be more likely to act if they understand the value they get from your free offer. Put a number on it. Don’t lie or exaggerate – use a realistic number just like I did in the example above.
  2. Put a limit on the offer: It’s not enough to say for “a limited time only.” Make that timeframe specific. “The next 25 customers that sign up get…” or “Just 7 days left until our FREE offer expires…”
  3. Use emotional language: Use words like “breakthrough,” “proven,” “astounding,” and “amazing” to emphasize that your offer is unique.

Make sure they’re appropriate – avoid lying at all costs. Your customers will be disappointed if what you have to sell truly isn’t astounding, amazing, or a breakthrough.

  1. Increase urgency: Use words like “now,” “today,” and “immediately” to increase the urgency to act.
  2. Make it as easy as possible: If you have people enter their contact information into your form, make it as few fields as possible. Yes, even just 1 less form field increases conversion rates by 15%, 20%, or even 25% or more, depending on your website.
  3. Use sensory words: Did you notice the word “sizzling” at the top of this page? That’s a sensory word that gives you a vivid picture in your mind. These aren’t just your ordinary run-of-the-mill tips – they’re “sizzling!” It’s a great word to use if you own a restaurant.

There’s much more to CTAs than that. But if you implement these tips as appropriate for your business and market, you’ll get much more conversions through your website (because most businesses pay no attention to this at all!).



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