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On the web, marketers talk about SEO, SEM, and PPC as “micro-targeting.”

What’s that mean?

It’s pretty simple.

Basically, digital advertising allows for much more precision targeting than ever before. Think of what’s traditionally been available to you as a small business owner:

How precise are those advertising methods? They’re fairly scattershot. You have a general idea of who you’re talking to. But not a specific one. So, you get lower ROI because you have to spend more money and won’t bring in as many customers as you could.

Now, compare that to “micro-targeting.” With PPC, you can create an ad targeted specifically to people searching for “HVAC repair Dallas,” for example. You know exactly what they’re searching for. And you deliver them a relevant ad experience. You get a much better ROI because you know you’re advertising to someone who wants services just like you offer.

And So It Is with Micro Moments…

The explosion of smartphone use by consumers to meet their daily needs has created “micromoments.” During these moments, consumers want four basic things, according to Google:

And this represents a huge opportunity for you because consumers quickly fall in love with brands that meet these needs.

3 Keys to Succeeding in Micromoment Marketing

Google outlines what you have to do when consumers have a micromoment need they want you to fulfill:

  1. Be useful – You must be able to solve the problem.
  2. Be quick – You have to solve the problem quickly. Users want the solution now, or in just a few seconds. Don’t dilly-dally around with the history of air conditioners if you want to sell a new AC, for example. Give the price, the efficiency, and the reason the AC will make a good purchase.
  3. Measure and optimize for all screen types – This includes smartphones, tablet PCs, and desktop computers.

And you know they’ll move on quickly because they have the entire internet right in their own hands. If you don’t give them what they want, someone else will.

That influences your search rankings too. Because, after all, Google does measure the number of visitors to your website who visit once and leave or come back.

Even one click makes a difference. The less looking around your customers have to do, the more likely they are to buy.

Make “micromoment marketing” your focus in 2016 and beyond. It’s only going to get more competitive.



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