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I will never know as much as the folks at Planet Ocean or John and Robin at Search Engine Workshops.  John & Robin introduced me to SEO some five years ago and while I continue to learn about SEO and feel good about my trade, I am at best – in ski parlance – a black run hack, while the folks mentioned previously are Double Black Diamond, Mogul skiers.  There are many experts, the web is full of them and they all offer advice good, average and bad, and some charge serious money for the advice that is common on the web, but they charge it to the unsuspecting, those who know SEO must be done, but not real sure how to do it.

John Alexander and Robin Nobles do charge for their workshops and to participate in Search Engine Workshops as does Planet Ocean, but both have modest fees for their information and certainly give value for those charges.  I pay a small annual fee to receive monthly reports from Planet Ocean and have always valued the information as informative, relevant and easy to apply.  I encourage anyone who is interested in SEO to check either of both for current and informative information about the ever changing world of Search Engine Optimization.



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