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Look, unless you’re an SEO expert, you probably think something like this isn’t a big deal:

Yeah, you get another 2 lines of text or so in Google’s search results.

So what?

Well, even though this doesn’t improve your search rankings even the slightest bit, it’s a huge deal.

In the past, the typical META description length was around 160 characters. For about a year or so, Google has allowed some to climb well beyond that.

Now, Google allows that number to grow to 230 characters.

And you can do two things with this:

  1. Nothing, which means Google will grab content from your page and insert it into the META description itself
  2. Take control and write your META descriptions on your own, or have your SEO company do it for you, so you can win more clicks, visits, and sales

What Most SEO Companies and SMBs Will Do

Most won’t do a thing. Some SEO companies may position this as a “good idea” that you should do to improve your visibility in search.

…But that really misses the mark. And you lose out on a huge opportunity to get more customers and sales from search.

How Do You Win More Customers with Your META Description?

Even though Google has sophisticated AI, it does not know how to write META descriptions that optimize for clicks.

Sure, it’ll tell searchers what your page is about. And that will get more clicks than doing nothing to your META descriptions at all.

But, from a rational perspective only your human mind can consider, think of your META description as another opportunity to sell.

You now have an additional 70 characters to explain why people should click on your listing.

So, you want to give people the benefits (not the features) of what your page offers. This makes most sense for your services pages, or your products pages, depending on what type of business you run.

If you’re a service-based company, this won’t take much time. You know why people come to you.

It could be for:

Describe that, and the experience people will get from your product or service, and you position yourself ahead of nearly every other SMB, and many global corporations, in the mind of your customer.

Technically, you’re marketing and selling on a micro scale.

But, turn a few searchers into customers each month, and consider what that could mean to the bottom line of your business!

To top it off, your competitors won’t have any awareness you’re doing this.

Think of your web page’s title as the headline of a newspaper. You want to get people’s attention and entice them to learn more.

Then, your META description is your golden opportunity to provide even more value to your searchers.

This change in how Google’s search works seems minor.

But to smart businesses who want to survive and thrive, it’s a huge deal.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!



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