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Do you remember the Netscape browser from 15-20 years ago?

It was the first big online browser everyone knew about.

They developed what is now the most popular programming language in the world – Javascript.

It lets programmers do all kinds of cool things on your website. Go here for a few simple examples of what it does.

Your SEO may have gotten one of those infamous “Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files on” warning letters. You may also have noticed one if you’re the contact owner for your domain.

Why Does Google Care about Unblocking Javascript?

Google’s spider, which constantly searches and indexes your pages in its archive, needs to be able to render every page on your website completely to index it properly. It needs to do this especially for mobile users.

This affects your search rankings!

When your SEO blocks Javascript, Google can’t index your web pages and rank them appropriately. And since a major amount of web pages are viewed by mobile searches, this could have a significant impact on the traffic, leads, and sales you get from your website.


So there’s no clear reason as to why this is happening now. But Google did add this as a requirement to their technical guidelines, which means they’re definitely taking it seriously when ranking websites.

Finding all the web pages and resources on your websites that are blocked isn’t easy or obvious. That’s because WordPress plugins can cause this to happen without your knowledge.

So, here’s a walkthrough that’s been written to help your SEO do this.

Make Sure You Have a Good SEO Company

Your SEO may or may not have alerted you to this. They should know about it. It’s a pretty big change in the SEO community.

Honestly, any SEO company worth their salt would already have done this after the original warning 3 ½ years ago. Google always follows through on what they say. Maybe not quickly or publicly. But they always follow through.

And if they weren’t ready and you notice a big dip in traffic, consider changing SEO companies to one that keeps your best interests in mind.



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