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Does Your Website Use “Thank You” Pages?

“Thank you!” It’s a globally recognized phrase everyone appreciates. You can’t say it enough. Is there ever a wrong time to say “thank you”? And, since the web’s merely an extension of real-life conversations, why don’t you see “thank you” pages more often?

Now, we’re not just saying this to improve your web etiquette. Thank you pages also serve a legitimate business purpose to deepen your relationships with consumers and transform more passers-by into ecstatic paying customers.

But…how do you do that? Learn from these concrete examples:

  1. Thank Customers for Joining Your Email List

This is a prime opportunity that gives your customers a chance to buy. After all, they’ve already expressed high interest in your company by signing up for your email list—which takes a lot of trust-building!

Although you’ve already incentivized your customers to join your list, use your thank you page to do this yet again. For example, you can offer a 50% product discount if they purchase within the next 24 hours.

Try different approaches because you never know which one will work best.

  1. Offer Premium Content

This approach may work best for service-based businesses. Why? They typically have longer sales cycles that require more convincing and cajoling to make a sale (compared to product-based companies). It’s certainly more difficult to sell something you can’t see than you can!

So, when customers request emailed content, call up a thank you page that presents other related content they may also enjoy: perhaps a video, podcast, ebook, guide, white paper, or anything else of the like.

  1. Use Written or Video Testimonials

Immediately after a customer completes your email form to inquire about your services, you can redirect them to a thank you page with social proof. This can take shape as a video or written testimonial, for example, clearly illustrating challenges customers encountered before using your product or service and the results after that. Using written testimonials, try to obtain images of your customers to add credibility.

This strategy will ultimately help convince customers they’ve made a wise choice and will reap the results they want by choosing you.

Wrapping Up

So yes, saying “thank you” is always a great idea. And remember to project a genuinely thankful attitude while doing so!

Customers can sense whether you appreciate them or merely see them as another set of dollar signs, but when you’re genuine, that will keep them coming back time and time again!




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