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Not getting the in-store visits you want? Let’s revisit the same problem Best Buy faced years ago.

In mid-2012, Amazon had pounded Best Buy’s stock price down to $11.99. Just 5 years prior to that, the consumer electronic retailer’s share price was $52.71. While questions abounded as to whether Best Buy would be forced to cease operations, they ultimately recovered and currently enjoy a healthy stock price. It’s no secret the company was acting as a “showroom” for Amazon, yet they still managed to rebound.

What about you: a much smaller business? How can you maintain in-store sales while beating your online competitors? Here are some ideas to drive in-store traffic via your internet marketing efforts.

  1. Add Uniqueness to Your In-Store Experience and Highlight the Same Online

Take photos and videos of customers shopping in your store and highlight these experiences across your social media profiles. Share what your customers say about your in-store experience and encourage them to share on their own social media profiles as well.

After all, there are certain special things that can only happen in-person and not online.

  1. Utilize Special Offers or Promote Specific Items for In-Store Customers Only

You can advertise these online across your website and social media profiles, but don’t do this too frequently because you’ll cut into your profit margins and possibly alienate customers who want to shop exclusively online. However, this is a great way to drive traffic to your physical storefront.

  1. Train Your Employees to Provide Top-Notch Service

When was the last time you visited any store and enjoyed an amazing customer service experience? Doesn’t happen often, does it? Many employees keep to themselves, not even bothering to greet customers. Or if they do, they’re trained to hassle customers about buying something or signing up for a store credit card.

Train your employees to truly focus on customer interests. They should ask customers what they’re looking for or why they came in that day. The point of the conversation isn’t to win a sale but to understand what the customer really wants.

Customers rarely feel “served.” Instead, they usually feel interrogated—like just another number on the bottom line. Again, highlight corresponding stories and feedback you receive on your social media profiles to inspire others to visit your shop.

  1. Promote the Benefits of In-Store Shopping

When customers shop in your store, they get what they want at that very same moment. If they visit for a return, they won’t need to wait for the item to arrive days later. They get answers to their questions quickly and (hopefully) easily. They can actually talk to a real human being.

It’s impossible—or in some cases difficult—to reap these same benefits online. So, make it a point to continually talk up these benefits so they become top of mind for customers in the market for your products.

Yes, You Can Beat Amazon

While you’ll never beat the online retail behemoth in volume, you can offer an in-store experience and quality products Amazon can’t match. This will certainly keep your doors open in any economy.



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