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Search Engine Journal recently took a survey of 215 top SEOs to see where they were spending their time these days. The creator of the survey ended up talking with 64 of 215, which means about 30% responded to her initial request.

And this is how their time broke down:


Image Credit: Search Engine Journal

And here was the real eye-opening part: 72% of those surveyed spent most of their day creating quality content. That makes sense because Google has been militantly consistent in telling SEOs and website owners that’s what it wants to see from websites.

What Makes Content Succeed Online?

By now, you’d probably guess that there’s so much content available online that it’s hard for searchers to find yours specifically. And you’d be right by making that guess.

Today, marketers call this “content saturation.” Some niches get much more saturated than others. For example, if you market in the technology niche, it’s tough to get noticed. At the local level, for businesses like AC repair and law, it’s still hard, but much easier than tech.

So, if you’re going to write content, what makes it stand out? Well, here’s some pointers on that:

  1. First, Have a Plan

According to Content Marketing Institute, marketers with a plan:

So, you must have some sort of plan to see big returns from your content. And if you’re afraid to make plans, remember you can always change yours if it’s not working.

  1. Your Content Must Have These Qualities

Simply showing your audience that you’re smart or an expert doesn’t necessarily get them to act. Research presented at Harvard Business Review found your content must:

So, all your content must focus on that to convince people and get them to act. Simply publishing as much content as possible may net you some results, but not as much as you’d like.

  1. Have a Product or Service Worthy of Attention

Know how the “same” doesn’t get as much attention as the “new?” This appears to put you in a bit of a pickle if you run a common service, like AC repair.

So, you simply have to position your service in a new way in people’s minds. For example, instead of focusing on “AC repair,” you focus on improving comfort (something your market really wants).

Then, your blog and social media profiles all need to be about improving comfort, and how AC repair helps you give that to your customers.

So in 2016 and beyond, that’s where you need to focus your time: on content and differentiating from your competition.



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