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If you’ve read our blog for a while, you’ve heard us trumpet the value of video marketing. It simply works.

But what about video marketing works?

It’s not that you simply shoot a video and your customers pay attention to it because you have a video. That’s not enough to make a huge difference.

Here’s what works about videos, and how you can get more business from yours:

  1. Tell an Inspiring Story Filled with Emotion

Stories and emotions get remembered. Facts and monotone speech don’t. Your customers may be uptight when they do their video testimonials. But that’s okay because they’re not experienced being in front of the camera.

Videos that get shared like crazy and drive real business tell touching stories about problems you solve. So don’t hold back when you shoot your own videos. Be anything but corporate and professional.

  1. Add a Call-To-Action at the End

This used to not exist. Videos used to…just end. Now, you can add a button and your contact information to the final few seconds of the video. Customers touched by the story you tell who believe you have the perfect solution for your problem are more likely to take action when you tell them.

You don’t want that call-to-action appearing until the final few seconds of your video. If you show it earlier, it’s annoying because your potential customer hasn’t had the opportunity to experience the story and solution you have to offer.

  1. Make Sure You Promote Your Video

Posting your video on a page on your website is a good idea. Visitors will have the opportunity to view it and build their relationship with you. But if that’s all you do, you’re greatly harming your success.

Promote your video via every method you have available. That could be your e-mail newsletter list, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and so on.

  1. Gather Data and Monitor Your Analytics

Analytics can get sophisticated enough to the point where they tell you exactly where people stop viewing your video. That gives you insights as to what your customers do and don’t like about your video. Then, you can learn what to do so you keep more people watching longer.

It sounds so simple. But to really get into your customer’s minds takes time and study.

Here’s to Your Success

With these tips, you’ll get more engagement, interest, and sharing from your videos. Ultimately, that translates into more sales. So make sure you include them in each video to the maximum extent possible.



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