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In addition to the Hummingbird update, Google also recently made the move to hide all keyword data in Google Analytics.  You can still see the total number of organic searches to reach your website, but you can’t see which keyword sent which searches.

not provided

The official story is that Google did this to protect searcher privacy. Google recently confirmed that all search traffic will be managed on secure servers, so it is a matter of time before 100% of keywords become “not provided” in Google Analytics.

Would you rather implement your own methods of protecting customer privacy, or would you like Congress to do it instead?

Google chose the former, and here’s what you can do in the future to ensure your website remains profitable:

It’s Far from the End of SEO

Google’s really just shifting the focus from the technical SEO side of things to what the marketplace really wants.  Technical SEO will always be important for the health of your website, but your real concern should revolve around sharing your expertise with your target market and showing why you are the best solution for the problem they have.



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