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I devoted the majority of my last post to proclaiming "keyword meta tags are not the answer to being found on Google! Invest your web promotion dollars and hours elsewhere!" I mentioned some other avenues for search engine promotion of course, but I’m betting you wouldn’t mind a specific example of a worthwhile "elsewhere." Ladies and gentlemen, feast your browsers on Google’s Local Business Center. This local business listing service is one of the easiest ways to promote your website to your web browsing customers.

Google a business, any business, followed by the city in which you’d like that business to be, and Google will return a list of relevant business listings, their phone numbers, URLs, and a map marked with where each one is located within the city. Click on the name of one of the businesses and you’ll go directly to its website; click on the gray "more" link next to the phone number and you’ll be whisked over to the company’s own local business listing page. These pages are hosted by Google and are loaded with basic details about the company (business hours, contact info, acceptable payment methods, etc.) and with more advanced material too, like pictures, websites related to the company, and user-added content. The best features of the page are the user reviews–as long as they’re mostly positive, customer endorsements could do more for your business than paid ads ever would.      

Getting one of these listings for your company is about as simple as flicking on the lights in your office or store each morning. The service is free through Google–all you have to do is sign up and supply some content to put you business on Google’s radar. But as with everything on the web, there are tricks to keeping your business near the top of the listings, like adding fresh content, using the right keywords, promoting your listing page, and garnering customer reviews. I5 web works knows all these tricks and more. We can help you establish your local business listing and increase your chances of being found in relevant searches.



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