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Out of the diverse slate of search marketing tactics available out there, why should you use PPC? A few key reasons include:

  1. Immediate traffic. With SEO, you may need to wait 6-12 months.
  2. Great conversion data. You can view your click-through rates for immediate confirmation that you have the right keywords (knowing it’s wise to test different keywords to learn which convert the best and then use the same for your organic SEO campaign).
  3. Ability to set/control your budget. You can set a controlled budget each month and raise or lower as you see fit—just make sure you put the decimal point in the right place!

We’re not saying PPC is always the best tactic to use but are instead merely presenting it as another option that may or may not best fit your business. There are a few discrete aspects to getting the most out of your PPC strategy:

  1. The “technical stuff” (earning a favorable Quality Score)
  2. Copywriting (using words that persuade people to take action)

This article will touch on the technical aspects, specifically.

What is Quality Score?

From a cost perspective, you’re initially concerned with boosting your Quality Score. As with Google’s algorithm, though, you don’t actually know what this is and are unable to check/track it anywhere. The higher your quality score, the less your ads cost and the higher they’ll display on the page. Google has confirmed that several factors affect your Quality Score:

  1. Click-Through Rate: This refers to the historical number of clicks a keyword and matched ad receive. For Google Ads, this also specifically relates to the click-through rate of your ad.
  2. Ad Copy Relevance: Your ad must mention the keyword and perhaps a variation or two.  The more relevant it is to the search, the more likely people are to click (so this factor makes sense).
  3. Landing Page Quality: How can you know if you have a top-quality landing page? Content should be original and boast keywords relevant to your ad copy while also reflecting a nice, clean aesthetic and simple navigation (and the faster it loads, the better).
  4. Conversion Data from Your Site:  Search marketers believe Google also uses on-site conversion data from Google Analytics to determine Quality Score. This theory makes sense, as that factor does provide insight into the methods valuable visitors use to find your website.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it: technical considerations to keep in mind when aiming to boost your Quality Score. Together with copywriting, these pack a powerful punch to get the most out of your PPC strategy.



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