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Recent statistics released by Social Media Examiner and quoted at Convince and Convert show social media results maximize after marketers have 5+ years of experience.

Did you just get that? 5+ years!

Now, that’s an awfully long time. Can you remember what you were doing with your online marketing 5 years ago? It probably looked nothing like what you do today…if you were doing it at all.

With social media, you want to aim to build an engaged community. In the short-term, each post you make simply contributes a very slight bit to each sale you convert. In the long-term, you build brand advocates who happily share your posts and drive plenty more sales for you.

How do you build that more engaged kind of community and shave time off that 5-year expectation for results?

Read these tips to find out:

  1. Publish Content That Gives Your Customers a Compelling Reason to Change

Content’s available galore. Any company can find gobs of it to publish at any given time. You’re not doing your audience any favors by promoting the same thing everyone else does.

Instead, find content that challenges what your customers do now and gives them good reason to use you instead. If you’re a local HVAC company, for example, instead of giving the same old AC maintenance tips, show your customers precisely how they can solve a low refrigerant problem. Take a video (it can even be a simple one with your smartphone), show them what to look for, and how to do it.

Do it for different models of ACs – ones your customers are likely to have. Some will do it themselves. Others will put a lot of trust in you and be more likely to call you when they have a problem. The net effect will be additional sales for you.

  1. Find New and Different Content to Produce and Promote

This is simple. Just find other HVAC companies in your area. Visit their websites. Find their social media profiles. Watch what they publish and promote.

Don’t publish or promote any of that! Instead, find new and different content that most companies don’t promote. Maybe that means you go to websites like and find HVAC-related content because they go out of their way to go super in-depth. You know it’s always going to be really good stuff.

Few Companies Use These Tactics to Build Engaged Communities!

These two tactics attract attention like crazy because most companies, whether a local HVAC contractor, a high-power law firm, or a super-high-tech software company, focus on one thing: volume. They want to cram their social profiles with as much content as possible.

That gives them ordinary or dismal results.

When you focus on challenging what customers think, and teaching them new and different things, you stand out. And that’s how you engage in 2016. Plus, these marketing tactics are time-tested by the smartest marketers, and they will work for decades to come.



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