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It’s tricky to assemble the right team so your business can really take off, isn’t it?

In launching your business, think back to the mistakes you made and all the chaos that ensued.

Now, with more experience, you can spot the winners right from the get-go and make them a part of your team—and your business runs so much more smoothly and profitably because of it!

In 2022, it’s essential to have a reliable website hosting service on your team. You simply don’t have time to gain the technical proficiency needed to manage your site with other higher-value tasks to focus on. So, how do you choose a hosting service? Be on the lookout for specific benefits including:

1. Shared Hosting

When you evaluate hosts, you’ll come across three basic types: shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server), and dedicated hosting.

“Shared hosting” means you share bandwidth on the same server with other companies. This works for small websites that don’t receive a high volume of traffic. Because fewer people use your website, there’s no need to pay for additional storage space and speed or fancy features.

“VPS” gives you more speed and is the best fit for a decent-sized e-commerce site with thousands of pages and many products for sale—or perhaps a blogger with an audience.

Finally, dedicated hosting best serves real serious websites, such as those with 100,000+ daily visits.

As you move up the hosting ladder, you’ll enjoy more features and speed. However, these come at a price and don’t really provide much value for a small or local business.

2. Great Customer Support

You might have questions about your hosting service or contract your hosting management needs out to a marketing agency (which is a common practice, given the expense of owning your own servers).

You want the ability to get help when you need it—rather than when the hosting service actually gets around to it.

Ninety-nine percent of your concerns regarding a hosting service will involve matters you simply need clarification on. Conversely, 1% (possibly even less) will spring from mistakes or errors attributed to your hosting service (no one’s perfect).

Research hosts online prior to making a selection. If you task a local marketing agency with hosting duties, research the company and inquire about their experience with the service they use.

3. Reliability and Speed

When your prospects and customers visit your website, they want it to run quickly and efficiently in the absence of any problems—and they certainly expect to find it up and running!

Unfortunately, not all hosts offer the same reliability and speed, making it crucial to research and compare your options.

If you enlist the help of a local marketing agency to handle hosting duties on your behalf, ask them what their hosting service does differently to deliver better speed and uptime than competing options.

For small and local businesses, hosting will not be a major cost and is in fact relatively inexpensive. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for—so avoid hiring the cheapest hosting service out there!

Find the fastest, most reliable service you can with the best customer service. And, since your business is small, know that affordable options do exist!

We like to think Red Coyote Services is a very good hosting company.  If need a host or want to change hosts, we have a hosting package for you.  Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation.



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