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How to Make Sure Your Site's Content Converts
If people aren’t calling, e-mailing, or making enough purchases through your website, relax – it happens to everyone at one time or another.

The web is a very new and fast-changing place, and it’s difficult to stay up on what works and what doesn’t.  A number of factors affect your conversion rates, including your:

The copy on your website, however, also has much to do with how well your website converts, so we’ll take a look at that today and give you some pointers for success.

Top Web Copy Aspects to Fine-Tune

So, that’s the work you do offsite.  But, make sure you don’t overlook it because that’s what gets people to your website.  Once you have visitors on your website, then you need to pay attention to the following:

There’s Much More, But Hopefully You Learned Why Content is So Important…

Content development that converts is an art form all its own and takes many, many blog posts to fully describe.  However, this one gives you a basic idea of how to create it, or perhaps why it may work best to have a professional do the job.

At Red Coyote Services, content development is more than simply “inserting text.” We employ a process that involves research, competitive analysis, understanding your business, and learning your sales goals. The more we know, the better results we’ll deliver. Visit for more information.



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