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Believe it or not, we haven’t covered this topic before.

But, it’s a great way to find keyword searches that your competitors may not be optimizing for.

It’s through a free tool called Google Trends.

It simply shows you how hot a certain keyword search is. For example, I typed in “SEO,” and here’s what showed up:

So, you can clearly see:

  1. For whatever reason, SEO’s relative strength as a search has dropped from 100 to 50 in the past year
  2. SEO is really hot in Kansas, New York, and California

Now, I have absolutely no clue why. But at least you understand America as a whole is losing interest in “SEO” as a topic.

You also get related searches that are gaining steam:

“Insignia SEO” comes up as a popular search. And that’s the name of an SEO company.

Since “SEO” is a relatively large category, however, you get some fairly unrelated topics to what you intended.

“SEO” seems to have a lot to do with South Korean actors.

So, let’s try and clarify that to get more relevant topics. This time, I entered “search engine optimization,” and here’s what showed up:

Again, for whatever reason, the topic as a whole seems to be losing steam here over the past year. And again, it appears to be gaining popularity in Kansas and New York.

So let’s see what came up in terms of related searches:

Ahh! Here’s some useful search terms:

And apparently, search engine optimization’s gaining a lot of popularity in Seattle too.

But now, you at least have a few terms that you know would be worth writing about. And to get a clearer idea on them each, you could enter them into Google trends.

“Search engine optimization techniques” for example, has had its popularity chopping up and down for the past year. Currently, it’s shooting up for whatever reason.

You can also check the trend for the keyword in Image search, News search, Google shopping, and YouTube search.

So, this is quite a helpful tool – especially when you start really drilling down into various niches. You can check the specific popularity of fairly obscure topics most people know little about. It’s a way of gaining precision marketing data that simply wasn’t available prior to the internet.

And if you learn how to use this, it acts as a “secret weapon” in your marketing arsenal.



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