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Have you ever been pelted by a popup asking you to provide your email address to join a company newsletter the second you land on a website? Yeah…annoying! You haven’t even had time to check out anything on the site, and the company is already clamoring for your email. It’s like walking up to a random woman, not even asking her name, and then trying to score her phone number. Very few people—if any—will respond positively to that.

This is not the best way to generate more sales with email marketing. With this in mind, check out these welcome email tips so you get more deals from your website without annoying your customers:

  1. Use Double Opt-In

Going this route helps ensure people who genuinely want to receive your emails are on your list. You won’t get spammers. You won’t get people who complain, believing they never subscribed to your list in the first place.

Using this strategy, your email marketing software will send visitors who initially provided their email address a subsequent email asking them to confirm their subscription, ensuring only visitors genuinely interested in getting emails from you are on your list.

  1. Strike While the Iron is Hot

Some companies wait a few days or a week before sending you an email after you join their list. They do this to send everything in one big batch, which makes more efficient use of their time and resources. However, that’s a big mistake! This strategy throws potential sales out the window because customers are much more likely to act when they have a high level of interest. And you know that since they just joined your list, they have a strong interest in your company right now.

Please take advantage of this vested interest and send them a welcome email, possibly offering a discount for purchasing. This brings them closer to your inner circle and keeps you top-of-mind for future emails.

  1. Deliver Exceptional Value

Your welcome email can serve as the kickoff to what’s called a “drip” campaign. With this strategy, you send emails over a set period, each containing more helpful information than the last.

To snag attention, you tell people something new each time. Maybe you dispel common myths and misconceptions in your niche. Perhaps you share new research. Originality attracts attention. Tell people the same old stuff they hear everywhere and have no reason to pay attention to you.

At the end of your drip campaign, you ask for a sale. This can be a reasonably expensive purchase because you spent so much time educating your new subscriber. And if they don’t buy, at least you’ve caught their interest!

That’s a large part of the battle, in and of itself.

Wrapping Up

So yes, it can quickly transform your welcome emails into a potent sales-generating weapon. And the best thing is that they will repeatedly sell—without costing you additional money!



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