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I'm stuck...On September 23rd, Google released the Penguin 4.0 real-time update. And not too much earlier than that, it also released Possum, which affected the Local 3-Pack.

Sometimes, you get a little forewarning of the next update. Other times, SEOs and webmasters notice a big shake-up in their rankings and find out about the changes as they happen.

In both cases, what should you do immediately following an update?

Here’s a general blueprint to keep in mind:

  1. Take a Deep Breath and Find Out How the Update Impacted You

Now, with the recent Possum update to the Local 3-Pack, some companies had their search result removed from it entirely. That means other companies got rewarded with those spots.

With Penguin, Google’s algorithm may have gotten the ability to penalize individual pages of your website, rather than your entire website. So, first see how the update impacted you.

Take some time also to learn what actually happened as a result of the update. Research credible SEO websites like Search Engine Land, Moz, and Search Engine Journal. That way, if you notice a dip in your rankings, you know why and what to do to recover.

  1. Have a Conversation with Your SEO

Now, if you’ve been having a SEO company or consultant doing white-hat work, you shouldn’t notice an overall dip in your rankings after a Google update of any kind. You might notice dips in individual pages and search terms here and there. But, you should notice a net gain.

Talk with your SEO and get their opinion on what’s going on and why. Ask what you can do to improve your rankings. Ask what they’re going to do in reaction to this update.

  1. Keep Up The Hard Work

In 2016 and beyond, maintaining a single website and growing your search rankings takes a large amount of hard work. It requires a small team of professionals.

You may assist with your SEO in some ways, and especially so through content. That’s because you’re the expert in your industry, and know it better than anyone on your SEO team.

Consistent production of unique and high-quality content will not only keep you safe in the search rankings, it will help you thrive. Your SEO team then takes care of the hard technical work like optimization and link-building.

It’s a recipe for success. And it’s the perfect reaction to any Google update.



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