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Are you looking for good keywords?  So many of our clients think they know what searchers are using to find the client’s products and services and while they may know the high level generic term, they may not have a good idea of how their prospects think when searching.  Or the term they selected is so competitive that the site may never rank for that term. 

For example, if we had an air conditioning business, we know that everyone searches for "air conditioning", yes?  Well maybe years ago, but time changes all.  Service providers are much smarter about keywords than in the past and searcher are much smarter, knowing that a very generic search such as “air conditioning” will likely not yield the results they are seeking.  So, both groups know they need to be smarter about their sites and searchers need to be more precise in their phrasing.  

We use many tools, but the primary tool is Wordtracker (you can get a trial at Wordtracker).  This tool allows us to look at the keyword term “air conditioning” and see the variation used by searchers.  Remember searchers understand they need to be more specific, so they are adding a geographic, brand or function descriptions to their search to better qualify the search, for example:

We will take these searches deeper to determine if a really unique and less competitive term exists.  But even at this level, we get some good ideas about how to create a title tag from keywords which apply to the client’s business, match the terms searchers are using and to create good content to support the keywords.  Remember, all the search engines are trying to return those pages that have the most relevance to the search to give the searcher a quality experience.  They are not particularly concerned about your business, your products and services – until they get to PPC.  They are focused on the searcher.  

The keyword search above tells us to use Brands (Trane Air Conditioning), Geography (Houston air conditioning) and combinations (home air conditioning) in our tags.  And as every page needs to have a unique title tag to match the content on that page, we now have multiple topics for our website, using terms searchers have used.  What could be better?

Unfortunately, it really does take more work and effort than the short explanation presented above.  But at the very least, do some research to find better keywords for your title tag and the corresponding text on the page.  Do the work and the bots will come and index your page – and maybe, that searcher looking for your services will find your page. 



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