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Have you noticed all the changes Google’s made over the years? Well, of course you have! Some say the search giant makes 200-500 annual updates to their algorithm. Whenever there are major updates—you know, the ones you actually hear about—Google dramatically alters the rules of the SEO game. Quite frankly, it’s a total inconvenience for you (and us!).

Yet, ultimately, we have to admit this evolution has led to a higher-quality web experience. Google’s ability to deliver the best results for searcher requests keeps it at the top of the search game. And as far as anyone can see, this is set to continue for some time.

(1) The Key to Getting Back Links Isn’t Content…

Technically, this is a bit misleading. Content is one of several keys to get back links Google loves. This time around, let’s focus on a different strategy: content promotion.

(2) Why Is Content Promotion Now Necessary?

With so many niches now fully saturated, each one offers an abundance of content spanning a plethora of topics. And this content—thanks to Google’s stringent standards about what makes it good—is truly excellent.

If you simply write content, optimize it to rank in search, and do nothing else, you’ll find yourself with a losing formula. That used to work, oh, about 10 years ago. But today, your content will simply get lost in the sauce if you do this.

(3) How Do You Promote Your Content?

While an infinite number of techniques exist, the strategy begins with content worth linking to (as you might have guessed).

To create this, it’s crucial to first understand what your competition does so you can then offer more, adopt a unique view, improve your content’s entertainment value (even if you’re in a boring niche), or dress up its visual appeal. It all sounds so simple, but this in fact requires hours of research and lots of trial and error.

Once you’re armed with content that tops anything else available on a specific topic, you can begin the outreach process. However, know that “outreach” doesn’t mean just dropping a link on your social media profiles. While this is certainly good to do, you must also actively develop relationships with influencers within your niche. Use email and direct social media contact to let people know about your new-and-improved content.

Some will ignore you. Others are too busy. But if you’ve done your job well and truly topped what’s available, you’ll quickly begin to win attention. These influencers—with tens of thousands of social media fans—will share your post and personally link to your content.  Some of their followers will then link to you as well.

Then you simply repeat this process, which all hinges on the quality of your content. For now and the foreseeable future, content promotion is a nearly indispensable tactic to keep in your SEO arsenal.



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