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Have you noticed all the changes Google’s made over the years?

Well, of course you have. Some say they make 200 – 500 updates to their algorithm annually.

With the major updates, the ones you actually hear about, Google dramatically alters the rules of the SEO game.

Inconvenient for you (and us too).

But ultimately, we have to admit, it has led to a higher quality web. Google’s ability to deliver the best result for what the searcher requests keeps it at the top of the search game. And as far as anyone can see, this will continue for some time.

(1) The Key to Getting Back Links Isn’t Content…

Technically, that’s a bit misleading. Content is one of several keys to getting back links Google loves.

But this time, let’s focus on a different one: content promotion. 

(2) Why Has Promoting Your Content Become Necessary?

Basically, because many niches have become saturated. They have an abundance of content on most topics. And that content, thanks to Google toughening up its standards of what makes it good, is excellent.

If you simply write content, optimize it for ranking in search, and do nothing else, that’s a losing formula. That used to work, oh, about 5-7 years ago or so. Today, your content simply gets forgotten if you do that.

(3) How Do You Promote Your Content?

Actually, you have a nearly infinite number of techniques available. But, as you might guess, the strategy begins with having content worth linking to.

So to create that, you have to understand what your competition does. Then, you offer more, take a unique view, improve your content’s entertainment value (even if you’re in a boring niche), or dress up its visual appeal.

It sounds so simple. But this takes hours of research and trial-and-error to do. So, it’s not easy.

Once you have content that tops what’s available on a certain topic, then you can begin outreach. “Outreach” doesn’t mean dropping a link on your social media profiles.

That’s good to do. But, you have to actively develop relationships with influencers in your niche. Using email and direct social media contact, you let people who have linked to the content you’ve topped know about your content.

Some will ignore you. Others get too busy. But if you’ve done your job and truly topped what’s available, you’ll begin to get attention.

These influencers have tens of thousands of social media fans. They’ll share your post. They’ll link to your content themselves. Some of their followers will link to you.

Then you simply repeat the process. It all hinges on the quality of your content.

And for now, and the foreseeable future, content promotion is a nearly indispensable tactic to have in your SEO arsenal.



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