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How can you possibly hide the words on your web pages?

A decade ago, during the “stone age” of SEO, webmasters did this on purpose to cheat their web pages up Google’s rankings.

Now, most webmasters know they won’t get away with it for long. So they don’t even try it.

But you can still do it accidentally.

It’s kinda like speeding. You’re driving along and don’t realize you’re doing anything. Then all of a sudden you get pulled over.

How You Can Jeopardize Your Search Rankings Accidentally with Hidden Content?

It’s easy to do. Does your website use:


With Websites, Keep It Simple, Stupid!

This is just one of many accidental SEO errors you can make that could hurt your rankings.

Unfortunately, SEO is rife with many similar problems. Today’s website designs can get fancy and complex in an attempt to blow users away with an amazing experience.

But unless you sell website design services, you probably don’t need to do this.

Because web users, whether consumers or sophisticated B2B prospects, visit your website for solutions to their problems. An “amazing experience” in their mind is a rapid, full answer to their question. A better one than they can get anywhere else.

You can do that with a combination of text, video, graphics, and audio.

You do need a simple, professional, and organized website. But you don’t need any of the “bells and whistles” to succeed.

View them as “nice to have,” but not necessary to your success.

The other alternative to simplicity is to work with a web design company also experienced in SEO. Not all web design companies are experienced in SEO. But some are. And they can make sure they create a design for you that fits perfectly within Google’s guidelines.

So consider carefully what you want your website to achieve, and talk to a few web designers before you make a decision.



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