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Even though Google changes SEO at a backbreaking pace, SEO still boils down to a few fundamentals:

We don’t know the exact weight links play in your overall search ranking, but saying 50% would be a reasonable guesstimate.

You know some websites get more links than others. What factors influence how much people want to link to your site?

Here’s a few, that, if you work on them, make it much more likely people will link to your website:

  1. Your Site Loads Fast

All main pages on your site should load in less than 2 seconds. That’s part of the “user experience” on your website.

  1. Social Sharing Buttons

Users expect these as a standard on every website. Yours must have them, and they should be obvious and large enough for mobile users. It takes only a couple minutes to install a plugin that provides them.

  1. Fresh Content

Has it been 3 – 6 months since your last blog post? That’s too long. If you’re a small business of just 3-5 employees or so, aim to get 2 posts up per month minimum. 4 is really nice, and any more than that is a bonus.

  1. Useless, Boring, or Stupid Content

Only you can learn what’s relevant to your audience. If you run an HVAC repair company, your customers want to read how to prepare their AC unit for Spring or Winter.

Make your post so easy to understand that someone with no mechanical skills whatsoever can act on its information. And use simple language too. When your customers can read your posts and actually put your information to use in their daily lives, they have a reason to come back for more.

You don’t have to be William Shakespeare to blog. Cracking jokes and using slang – those are fine and actually encouraged.

  1. No Broken Images/Site Errors

What if you had a huge crack in the window at your physical office location? Wouldn’t you fix that immediately because you know what a poor impression it makes?

That’s what broken images and 404 Not Found errors do on your website. You don’t want a single one of these to be found anywhere.

  1. A Simple, Organized Look

Your website does need an attractive design. But it doesn’t need a lot of gimmicks/tricks that make it “cooler.” The main thing is the design looks recent (so people know you’re still in business), and the other priority is making your site easy to use and read.

If you do these things, you make your site look good to others, and they’ll want to link to it more.



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