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“Content is king.” It is, but what’s that mean? Why do some websites get 1000s of readers and others almost none? Learn how to write valuable content.

You’ve probably heard any one of these suggestions about your content:

What do any of those phrases mean?

Well, the truth is it all depends on who reads your content. You have to know what your audience values to sell them what they want.

Let’s Walk Through a Few Examples

So let’s talk about a couple different audiences and specific things you could do to give them more value than your competitors:

  1. A Sophisticated B2B Audience

When you write to this group, load your content with facts from reputable resources. Or use your own tests as examples. If you do the latter, make sure you describe the processes you used in explicit detail.

You can also use personal experiences. Short sentences that get straight to the point work best.

  1. A Crowd of Young Techies, 25 – 35

Here, Rand Fishkin of Moz is the perfect role model to work from because he IS this demographic.

He knows how to engage this audience. For example, one time he dressed up as Fred Flintstone. He uses a lot of geeky references to Star Wars and other sci-fi stuff this generation loves.

And he’s incredibly knowledgeable about search marketing too. The great thing is that his humor makes a somewhat boring and technical subject – SEO – more interesting to digest.

How could you take your product or service and make it more interesting to your demographic?

  1. Bob & Sue Homeowner, Ages 45-60

With this demographic, think of your typical middle-class family. With these people, you want to make things fast and easy.

Actually, that works with every demographic. But, particularly so with this one because that’s how they want to do everything in their lives – at work, home, or out in the community.

You’ll also want to frame everything in a positive light. Business owners love to hear the brutal truth, but this demographic doesn’t want that.

  1. Engineers & Accountants etc…

Let’s be honest here, and no criticism of these groups intended: justifiably or not, most people think of engineers or accountants as “boring.”

Fast and easy doesn’t sell quite as well. But if you’re specific, and highly technical, that’s what they want to hear.

Does that mean you should write everything in a “boring, technical” way?

Not necessarily, said America’s leading copywriter Bob Bly. In one of his newsletters, he reminds aspiring copywriters that though technical audiences are more intellectual, they’re still human beings too. So if you can present them information in a casual, interesting way, that’s better.

In the end, you know what works with your clients and customers in person. Part of content marketing success is as simple as taking those same techniques and applying them with the written word.



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