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MyBlogGuest, one of the largest websites that matched guest bloggers to websites, recently got a huge penalty from Google.

There’s two sides to the issue: Google claims this website uses unnatural linking practices. The site, and any websites associated with it (thousands of them), got a nasty penalty from Google. On the other hand, owner Ann Smarty said that all participating sites meet Google’s linking guidelines because the links are “editorially reviewed.”

Regardless of what she thinks, Google has all the rule-making power, and it decided to make this happen. Many believe Google is simply using this situation as one to make an example of that they are serious about penalizing websites that abuse guest blogging.

We don’t know what the truth of the situation is, but it does demonstrate a point: never put all your digital marketing efforts into a single basket.

Unfortunately, Google Can Change the Rules Whenever It Wants

For the most part, Google has made the web a more interesting, valuable, and less spammy place. But it’s still far from perfect. Some sites (large and small) get penalized when they shouldn’t. A single algorithm change like Panda 4.0 could wipe out 80-90% of your organic traffic, literally bankrupting your business overnight.

What mix of digital marketing is right? It depends on your company. Check out a few different digital marketing methods to learn how you can diversify your digital marketing efforts:

  1. Organic SEO

This one’s still the bread and butter. And once you get it working and you start landing leads from the internet, it has an exceptional ROI. However, if you get penalized (justifiably or not), you can throw away years of work, thousands of dollars, and 90% of your business in a heartbeat.

  1. PPC

Paid search is the best way to get leads now. Just about every business should be doing it in addition to organic SEO.

However, you have to monitor costs carefully, as they can skyrocket out of control in a flash. But, PPC is a great way to get leads in the door within a few weeks, and Google never penalizes it.

  1. Social Media

Growing social profiles is tricky and time consuming. However, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are a must. And, they add a nice source of business if you aren’t already highly diversified with your online marketing efforts.

  1. E-mail List Building

This one can rise or fall with the success or failure of your organic search marketing efforts. But, if you have a nice-sized list, that’s a good hedge against a Google penalty if you get one.

So that’s why you never rely on a single digital marketing tactic. And now you have some insurance if things go wrong.



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