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It’s your worst nightmare as a small business owner.

You finish a long and arduous search for a SEO company you trust.

You shell out thousands of dollars per month for 6-12 months.

…And nothing.

In fact, you don’t even hear the sound of crickets. You’d love to because that at least means something happens.

But after all that time and money spent, you end up with no noticeable change in your business.

Now, many factors can cause this.

But for now, simply consider ones that affect your website:

  1. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

This happens. And it ruins your strategy from the start.

You choose keywords with the wrong searcher intent. Or you go after keywords with too high of competition.

To find the right keywords, you must first research them, analyze the competition, and then re-analyze your keywords.

You can’t expect a specific ranking for a certain search term after a specified period of time.

Not even the best SEOs can promise that.

But you should notice improved rankings, more traffic, and increased business after 12 months.

And this should come from at least some of your keywords.

  1. Not Enough Time and Attention Focused on Your Web Page’s Title and Meta Description

Yes, your title should include your keyword. But first, it should be written to grab attention.

It works just like the headline of your local newspaper used to work.


They had highly persuasive headlines featuring provocative stories. That gave people a reason to get the newspaper.

Well, searchers need a reason to click your search listing too. They don’t just want to see “HVAC Services Dallas, TX.”

They want to see what they’ll get from you. For example:

“HVAC Services in Dallas that Keep You Cool + Comfortable.”

People want to be cool and comfortable.

The same process should then follow for your META description, which is the 3-4 lines of text just below your search listing’s title.

Explain other benefits you offer, like a free quote, affordable repairs, long warranties, and then maybe a sentence explaining how you can do this to improve credibility.

Your title and META description should work as lethal marketing weapons, and not just some random text you need to rank.

  1. Irrelevant Internal Linking

Links from one of your web pages to another should absolutely be used. But, they shouldn’t be used with the intent of boosting your SEO.

Instead, adopt a mindset of making your website easier and more convenient to use by linking internally where it makes sense.

Think of what your users may want to have a link to on each page as you create it.

A couple links or so makes sense.

But, don’t go all-out and make each page on your website look like a Wikipedia page. Your website visitors will notice, realize you’re just doing this to boost your rankings, and then they’ll get annoyed and leave.

Focus on the user experience first with your internal links, and your rankings will follow.




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