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We’ve mentioned this idea a few times before, but we want to talk to you more now that Panda 4.0 has come out. Other internet marketing thought leaders, like Neil Patel, believe we may be on the verge of seeing Penguin 3.0. Penguin aims more at the quality of the websites linking to you and optimization of anchor text on your links.

What’s not so important is the individual update. It’s impossible to keep up with each single update because they come so fast. What is important is what Google wants the web to become: a place where searchers can find high-quality, in-depth answers to their questions.

If you focus on that for the long haul, your search rankings will stay safe.

To that end, this is a high level of what SEO looks like right now:

  1. Awesome user experience on your website. It should be pretty to look at. It doesn’t have to be fancy or have a high cost, but your website should have an organized, professional design.
  1. Spectacular unique content, and a lot of it. Websites with 50, 75, and 100 pages and more are going to dominate the search engine rankings in the future. Your content should provide the best answer to the problem searchers have.

The idea behind internet marketing is you give searchers so much information that they trust you more than your competitors. That inspires them to keep coming back to your website, or to subscribe to your newsletter. Then, when they actually need to purchase what you have to offer, your name comes to mind first and they buy from you.

  1. Promotion of content gets natural links. Links are still the most powerful ranking factor. To get them, you have to first create awesome content. Then, you have to reach out to other webmasters and let them know about it. If they find it particularly good, they’ll link to it from their website.

You might also work hard to get published on a high-profile blog. Once you do, you’ll earn traffic, links, and newsletter subscribers.

Websites like are developed for a specific audience (in this case marketing and communications professionals at small and large businesses). Then, you have to work at influencing the editors, working your hardest to get published there.

If you own an air conditioning repair company, you’d follow the same process and try to get published on

That’s how SEO’s going to work throughout the future. Google, for the most part, makes the web one step better today than it was yesterday. And if you put your customers first, you’ll do just fine over the long haul.



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