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For some time, online marketers have typically thought of YouTube as an “awareness driver.” That means, in their minds, that it’s more effective at helping customers learn about products and services versus actually closing the sale. That in turn means it’s still important in the purchase process.

But, new data from Google suggests YouTube may not only be helpful for awareness, but may help boost purchase intent too.

YouTube’s TrueView Does Drive Purchasing Behavior

Do you know what TrueView is? It gives video viewers the option to skip an advertisement after 5 seconds. It also offers four different kinds of ads:

  1. In-stream, which lets viewers skip the video after 5 seconds. You only pay for ads that have been viewed at least 30 seconds.
  2. In-slate ads choose from several ads or to opt for commercial breaks in videos at least 10 minutes long.
  3. In-search ads show up in YouTube’s search results as searchers look for various keywords. You pay for all ads the viewer starts to watch.
  4. In-display ads appear in YouTube’s promoted videos overlay. You only pay when viewers choose to watch an ad.

According to Google, these “TrueView” ads, which give users the power of choice, resulted in their consideration being 45% higher, favorability of 14% higher, and purchase intent 19% higher than a control group with no power of choice.

Creative Choices Google Advises You Make to Get the Best ROI from Your Videos

Video does have a science to it. That science is evolving, so don’t consider anything set in stone. But as of now, Google advises this much for sure:

  1. Using funny ads or celebrities to hold attention (although not necessarily to close the sale)
  2. Viewers respond better to your logo when it’s attached to a product versus a free-floating logo
  3. People don’t watch videos as long when the focus emotion is sadness, fear, or calm. Focusing on humor always lead to the best results. For example, can you think of anything funny about trains? No one can. But Metro Trains Melbourne created a “Dumb Ways to Die” video that made train safety fun.
  4. How music impacts ads is unclear. Some brands have found not using music in the first 5 seconds leads to better engagement. And in terms of emotion, funny won out over any other when music was used. However, you’ll need to test your own video for best results.

Should you use video in your digital marketing strategy? You’ll have to be the judge of that.

However, it beats television when analyzed just about any way. In fact, the average return on ad spend for YouTube TrueView is about seven times that of TV.

For now, we’ll leave you with that fascinating statistic to consider.



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