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SEO. Backlinks. Social media. Content. Keywords.

They’re all necessary for online marketing success.

But one strategy’s superior even to these.

…And most small businesses don’t know what it is.

Those things all listed before?

They’re tactics.

Anyone can do them. Everyone does them.

They make a difference.

But imagine you found a real game-changer. One special thing that completely blows your competition out of the water.

And when you find it, you have no problem attracting more business. In fact, you have to figure out how you’ll manage it all.

Is this some hypey clever marketing tactic?

Absolutely not.

It’s 100% legit.

…So what is it?

Why Differentiation Makes All the…Well…Difference

It’s rare you find one business that offers a certain product or service. Today, you always have more options than you can count on one hand. And sometimes, more than you can count on all your hands and feet.

What makes customers choose your company over another?

Personal service?

Well, yes.

But other companies offer that too.

Lower prices?

Again, yes, but it’s tough to provide a high-quality product or service at low prices unless you’re a massive corporation. And even then, it’s difficult.

Let Me Tell You an Amazing (And 100% True) Story To Show You How This Works

“Our beer is 100% pure!” yelled and screamed nearly every American beer company in the 1900s.

The company that won the advertising war usually had the most dollars to front to keep their market position.

That’s one way to win.

But what if you’re a small business and don’t have massive spending power?

Schlitz, at the time, ranked somewhere between 8th and 15th in beer sales in America.

And here’s the thing: consumers then had no clue what “pure” meant. So, they only bought from the company whose name they could most easily recognize.

Poor Schlitz typically wasn’t that company.

So they hired advertising legend Claude Hopkins. They were desperate.

He wanted to know what “pure” really meant. So he asked Schlitz to give him a tour of their facilities.

He saw 4,000-foot deep wells dug to provide the purest and cleanest water available then. Schlitz showed him the 1,200 experiments it took to produce their beer’s flavor.

Blown away, he asked,”Why don’t you tell consumers you do this?”

“Because every beer company does it,” Schlitz replied.

Hopkins had to convince Schlitz to let him talk about their processes and how they yielded “pure” beer. He argued it would work because no other company approached marketing the same way.

Consumers would finally understand what “pure” meant and how pure their beer really was.

That resulted in ads like this:

Within six months, Schlitz became the top selling American beer.

Consumers understood what pure meant and why they should care.

They thought Schlitz was different than all the others!

How Can You Be Truly Different?

Yes, marketing and advertising really work. They should produce measurable sales results.

And differentiation is the easiest way to get results.

So, how can you be truly different in your niche?

Why should customers do business with you, and no one else?

Find a persuasive answer to that question, and you get all the business you want.



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