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social media

Social Media is an invaluable tool to attract website links and traffic. Both major search engines, Google and Bing, use social media signals in the algorithms that calculate organic web search ranking. More interaction on your social networks could cause your results to appear higher in Google’s search at times.

Currently, Pinterest and Google+ profile links are followed. Having updated profiles on these networks with your business website url will provide direct SEO value.

Social networking sites that don’t have followed profile links can still add tremendous value to your internet marketing efforts. The more shares, likes, retweets, etc… that your content receives through social media, the more attention it will be given from search engine algorithms.

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users and is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with potential and current customers about your brand in a setting which they are already actively participating.

Twitter is also useful in helping to build links by presenting your content to followers who may decide to link to your site or retweet to their community.

LinkedIn offers the same advantage, but is specific to professional networking. If you are posting an industry related article, for example, LinkedIn would be a great place to share the link with your connections and groups.

Google+ has yet to reach the active users of Facebook, but the network uses circles which can help to narrow your demographic and share relevant content with certain types of people. Users can also +1 and share your content to their own circles. Businesses with a physical address should use Google+ Local so people can check-in and leave reviews. Pages that record more check-ins, reviews, and geo-locational signals receive increased consideration in Google Places.

Visual marketing is a key factor in capturing the attention of today’s internet audience. Social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram are easy ways to share your graphic content and promote your brand image.

Make it part of your business resolutions for 2013 to take advantage of social media for your link building and internet marketing goals!



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