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3D Issue Flipping Books from i5ww

Many companies in the publishing industry are embracing technology and offering readers digital versions of their publications. Last month, Hearst Publishing shared that they had amassed nearly 800,000 digital subscribers. They were not alone in their success. According to a recent report, 289 magazines reported over 7.9 million sales of digital editions in the second half of 2012. Nearly 65% of  the total magazines surveyed now offer digital editions as part of their circulation.

Although flipping book technology was initially used by newspapers and magazines, the technology is more advanced now and offers new, innovative opportunities for other businesses. Imagine an interactive online catalog for an e-commerce retailer where someone can click on a photo of a product and be linked directly to the website to purchase the item. Or a restaurant menu that someone could flip through on their iPhone before making their reservation!

We’ve recently partnered with a company called 3D Issue to offer clients the ability to create customized digital magazines (aka flipping books, ezines) for their businesses and to better showcase their products and services.

Our co-founder, Michael Burns says, “This software makes it easy and affordable to create digital magazines, known as e-zines or flipbooks. It takes a newsletter or brochure to the next level and can be quickly updated with the most current information so it has a longer shelf life than a printed piece.

The software can be used to convert a print publication in a pdf file, such as a marketing brochure or product catalog, into an interactive digital version with embedded links and videos. Or, custom digital editions can easily be created from scratch. Here are some of the 3D Issue features:

3D Issue publications are viewable on all mobile phones, iPads,  and other tablets, utilizing HTML5 for devices that do not allow flash.

If you’re interested in creating an e-zine or digital magazine for your business, contact us via or call 888-893-7519.



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