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Does your website do what it needs to rank well and generate you more business? You can tell that by looking at the right metrics, and understanding what they mean.

If you sell a service, you probably have a more content-heavy website. And it can be tricky to interpret precisely what metrics mean for such websites.

Check out some of the top metrics to know in Google Analytics, or any other analytics tool you might use:

  1. Bounce Rate

For service-based companies with lots of content, this is a key metric. A “bounce” is a person who visits just a single page on your website and leaves.

Also called “pogo-sticking,” a high bounce rate means your website visitors aren’t getting what they need. That could be for two reasons:

  1. You’re not giving them the right content
  2. You’re writing content that attracts the wrong audience

A typical bounce rate is 40-60%. With e-commerce sites, a higher bounce rate may not be a bad thing. It could mean people are buying right away.

So, to understand the metric, you need to know the context of your situation.

  1. Average Session Duration

The higher, the better. For a content-heavy website selling a service, you should see at least 1-2 minutes or so. If you’re e-commerce, again, you will probably see less than that.

In fact, you’ll want to see a lower time because that likely means people are buying. However, e-commerce sites should have blogs too, which may get you close to the lower end of the 1-2 minute range.

  1. Return Visitor Rate (RVR)

Neil Patel actually discusses this one on his blog. And the thing about this metric is Google Analytics doesn’t actually calculate it.

However, it is valuable. What could be better than someone who comes to your website…again? Out of the millions of websites out there, they chose to actually come back and visit yours.

That’s hard to make happen.

RVR is simple to calculate. Just go to Google Analytics (Behavior à New vs Returning), and add up all your visitors. Divide the total by your number of “returning” visitors.

Contently, a content-heavy website for freelancers, boasts a RVR of about 40%. Neil Patel says anything above 30% is good. We say if you’re anywhere around 30%, you’re doing spectacular.

In a digital marketing world of vanity metrics, that’s what you should care about in 2016 and beyond.



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