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ThinkstockPhotos-100820219Have you ever scoured the web, trying to find the right tools and applications you need to run your business just the way you want? It’s hard work.

In fact, it can be a full-time job just testing all those tools and apps to find the right ones. Yes, you can find that many out there.

So here’s a list of some of the best and most useful apps to use in 2016. You’ll save lots of time downloading, installing, and testing the apps, getting straight to the right ones you need instead:

  1. Use Upwork for Outsourcing

Odesk and Elance have combined to form Upwork. There, you can choose from contractors around the globe to help you complete just about any kind of project you can imagine. It’s up to you to select the best contractor. But Upwork has plenty of measures built in to help you make a good choice.

  1. Make Zenefits Your HR Department

This company hasn’t had its IPO…yet. The reason they’re able to grow so fast is they charge you absolutely nothing to use their service. Zenefits makes their money when benefits providers pay them for you using their services.

Payroll, benefits, time, compliance, and every other human resources task you can imagine gets done through Zenefits. And because they’re already so popular, they’ll be around for a long time to come.

  1. Pipedrive Works as a Sales CRM for Small Teams

Setup for this app takes just minutes. It’s simple and visual. You won’t miss out on following up with a single lead. You get a 30-day free trial to start. And, it’s dirt cheap to use when they ask you to pay.

Learn more about Pipedrive here.

  1. Invoice and Payment Management – Freshbooks

Do you have a lot of customers that want to pay with Paypal? Freshbooks has an awesome unadvertised deal with Paypal where they charge just 50 cents to receive money from Paypal customers, assuming those customers are also in the United States. Figure that saves you around $3,000 – $4,000 per year on every $100,000 in revenue from Paypal customers.

But that’s not all. Freshbooks is super-simple for managing invoices and customers. It’s SaaS too, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, upgrades, or fixing bugs. You also get great customer service. And they’re one of those startups that always adds new features, as demanded by users.

Today, they also offer basic accounting functions, although they’re not as comprehensive as QuickBooks…yet.

Those are some of your best options for business tools here in 2016. If you need them, you won’t regret using them.



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