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WordPress plugins can be extremely helpful sometimes…

And then they cause more trouble than they’re others.

The trap that’s easy to fall into is to learn about a new plugin, and add that. Then you hear about another, and install it. And so on…

Before you realize it, you have 70+ plugins. And when you have a lot, they can interact poorly with each other, causing your website to stop working!

Plugins are a good thing. But you need to know which ones are worth having.

So here’s the top ones you should have to increase your page speed:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Start right off with a plugin that uses technology from a name you trust. This plugin doesn’t do any fixes for you. But it does tell you what you need to fix.

You’ll learn:


  1. W3 Total Cache

A number of big names in the internet marketing space, and business in general, use this plugin. AT&T, Matt Cutts, Mashable, and others swear by it.

As its name suggests, it takes advantage of caching to improve your site’s speed. So, rather than loading a new page every time you visit, you can set this plugin to instead tell your user’s computers to check their internet history cache on their computer for a recent version of your web page.

W3 goes much farther than simple caching, as it’s really a complete solution for optimizing the speed of your entire WordPress site. It even has support for content delivery network integration.

Few WordPress plugins have W3’s amazing reputation. It truly is a must-have for your website.

  1. P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

Remember how we said it’s easy to install way too many plugins on your WordPress site?

Well this plugin analyzes all the ones you have installed, and tells you which ones slow down your site’s load time most.

Makes it easy to get rid of the troublemakers!

  1. WP Smush

Have a lot of images on your website? With just a few clicks, this plugin automatically reduces the file size of all the images…without reducing their quality.

And it does this automatically for each new image you upload too.

Other plugins do something similar, but you may have to manually do the process for each image! Yikes!

In a bloated world of WordPress plugins, those are the top 4 for improving your page speed.

They’ll make your life, and your user’s experience, much better!



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