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Check These 4 Website Design Tips to Make Sure Your Site Converts

You can have an attractive web design, decent rankings, and good copy.

But you know what?

Your site may still not be converting as many visitors into paying customers as it could be.

From Most to Least Important:  The 4 Factors

    1. Clear Call-to-Action

      Your call-to-action is what you want people to do when they reach your website.  On your home page, you can have several calls to action, but you should probably keep it around 2-3 or so.  Otherwise, people are going to get confused and leave.The call-to-action must be “above the fold,” which means it visible as soon as someone visits your website and doesn’t require any scrolling down.  It also helps to have an incentive for taking the action, such as downloading a white paper in exchange for providing an e-mail, offering a free estimate for making a phone call, or stating how you helped previous customers who made calls.

    2.  Fast Load Speed
    3. Ideally, it takes a second or less to load your website on all major device types, including smartphones.  You can get away with maybe 2 seconds or so, but every quarter of a second additional that it takes to load your web site, you lose visitors and sales.

      Google also looks at your website’s load speed as a factor when determining your search rankings.

    4. Easy Navigation

      It shouldn’t take any more than 3 clicks for your visitors to get anywhere on your website.  The most important pages to visit should be 1 click away and each additional click – you guessed it – costs you more visitors and lost sales.  Menus should also be easy to find.  Creativity is good to use from a color perspective, but don’t use it when designing your navigation.

    5.  Responsive Design    

      The Search Agency has found that 25% of all search clicks come from mobile devices.  Mobile users like websites with bigger buttons and less scrolling.  By designing what is called a “responsive design,” your website easily accommodates all types of devices people use to browse the internet – laptops, desktops, tablet PCs, and smartphones.Mobile search is only going to increase in the future, so by accommodating those searchers now, you’ll increase your sales now and in the nearby future.

    Follow These Principles Now and You’ll Be Ahead of the Competition

    Unfortunately, many businesses get sold on pretty designs that don’t convert visitors into customers.  But, if you design yours with these principles in mind, then you’ll be a step ahead of the unsuspecting competition.

    Contact i5ww today for a consultation to review improvements that could be made to your current website or if you are interested in a new website design.



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