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What to Consider Before a Major Website Redesign

Think now is the time to give your digital storefront a significant overhaul? It just might be! Before you and your design team dive in, be sure to think through these critical questions first:

  1. What Do Your Customers Want?

While your website should make you happy, it’s ultimately more important for your customers to feel satisfied with its overall design and performance—as they’ll use this platform to evaluate whether or not to do business with you. A website that pleases you may not have the same effect on the people you’re looking to win sales from.

Per the website monitoring experts at Pingdom, page-loading times directly impact bounce rates (the number of visitors who view just one page on your site and then leave). So, while you might crave newfangled site features, this comes at a cost if it leads to longer load times. Keep this in mind during the redesign process.

  1. How Can You Use Your Website to Boost Sales?

Yes—it’s essential for your website to look spiffy and modern. An old website communicates to potential customers that you’re perhaps no longer in business. Or, they might think the same might hold for other parts of your business if you don’t care about your website.

Besides ensuring your website boasts an updated look, it needs to drive your customers to action: whether you sell products, services, or both. You can rely on various design techniques to boost the number of visitors who make a purchase and collaborate closely with your designer to implement the right enhancements for the products and services you sell.

  1. How Can You Integrate Content Within Your Site?

Will your website feature videos, a blog, case studies, white papers, podcasts, and user-generated content?

You know your site needs content, but it’s also essential to know not all of the above are required. Just one form of content will do. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to understand your unique strategy—which will ultimately impact your website design. Content presentation dictates just how much of the same your market will consume. And the more they digest, the more likely they will become paying customers.

Wrapping Up

While there is a boatload of other considerations to remember before redesigning your website, these are some of the top items to consider. Plan accordingly and watch the conversions roll in.





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