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Does just any old content work?

Kind of.

But you get limited results from that content.

Because, as you know, now you can read a blog post about any problem you have.

Don’t know how to fix your water heater?

How do you prepare your house for the winter?

Can you get rid of a cold faster?

Got ants in your pants and need a quick solution?

No matter how small, large, or absurd your problem, someone else has written or recorded the solution.

And usually, dozens of people have.

Having a solution available, whether by blog, email, or social media, gives customers a reason to keep listening to you.

Creating a unique solution gives customers and prospects a powerfully persuasive reason to listen to you.

What if you don’t have a unique solution?

How can you stand out with your content?

You can actually do quite a bit to differentiate your content so you get more links, followers, and customers than your competitors:

  1. Get to the Point Already 

Internet searchers want a quick answer to their question. They may need help with just a step or two to solve their problem.

Don’t blabber on about the entire history of the problem.

Get to the point.

Identify the problem. Explain why it happens. Show the fixes.

Don’t make your reader endure even one more sentence than they have to.

  1. Entertain

Erin Williamson at Design Crisis knows how to entertain while discussing various interior design topics.

Giving just the facts bores most audiences. It may be appropriate for audiences who like facts, like lawyers or doctors.


Here’s an example of a facetious comment she makes:

“I took trig, calculus and physics, and none of that equipped me to figure out how to specify the length and width of a panel with pinch pleats and rods and rings.”

If you crack jokes in person, do it online too. You get the same response, even though you don’t necessarily experience it.

  1. Go Meticulously In-Depth…Farther Than Anyone Else

Again, don’t tell your readers about the history of a problem. That bores.

But do offer details that only an experienced professional like yourself would know.


Give your readers everything. And don’t hold back.

Will some take your secrets and do their project for themselves?


But even more will realize you know what in the heck you’re doing. And they’ll want to hire someone with a sharp mind like yours.

Consider writing a single blog post and going all out on the solution to a problem.


Brian Dean of Backlinko uses this approach in the SEO/internet marketing niche, which leads the innovation of content.

He goes way further in-depth and delivers more value than anyone else, which makes it no surprise he’s one of the top minds in his niche.

And don’t be afraid to constantly share stories of personal experiences. Nothing is more credible or convincing to your readers. Plus, the human mind is wired to remember stories far better than lists of boring facts.

How can you make your content stand out?

It should be no problem now!



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