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Have you been totally “through the ringer” on this whole digital marketing thing? It gets frustrating at times because there’s so many things you can do. And you might have gotten burned by a not-so-honest company in the past.

Here’s just a short list of tactics you can try:

  1. SEO
  2. Blogging
  3. PPC
  4. Banner advertising
  5. Content marketing
  6. Video marketing
  7. E-mail marketing
  8. Social media marketing
  9. Text/SMS marketing
  10. Podcasts
  11. Webinars
  12. Influencer marketing
  13. Writing press releases

And then new social networks like Instagram, Peach, and Periscope pop up. Which ones make sense? Which should you use? When? And why?

Digital marketing is here to stay. Both consumers and business decision makers turn to it first to do their research before they buy. Not every single one of them, but the overwhelming majority:

This whole “digital marketing” thing works because it gives consumers and business decision makers power to compare. In the past, you had to walk all over the place or drive around to find the best product or service.

That’s hard work. So, you didn’t do as much comparison back in the early 1990s. Now, you can compare 5-8 companies and services in just 30 minutes online.

What Digital Marketing Mix Makes the Most Sense for Your Company?

The answer to this question changes over time. That’s why you hire an agency or have an in-house digital marketing team. It’s too much and changes too fast for one person to deal with.

For most companies, and especially for ones that sell commodity products and services, organic SEO makes sense (think of it as “ranking higher in Google”). Increasingly, it makes sense for niche products and services too because even those buyers are turning online to do research.

After that, you have all kinds of questions and options to consider. There isn’t necessarily a “right” or “perfect.” Only “your” mix. If you have a unique product or service, a video on your home page may make good sense to show it in action. On your about page, you might create a video introducing you and your team in person. That builds relationships much more powerfully than words and images.

If you need revenue fast, PPC makes sense. You can get the ads up and going and start getting contacts within the month. However, PPC’s expensive long-term, so you might add in offline referral marketing to keep those customers coming in.

In almost all cases, e-mail marketing makes sense. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association says it has an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent, or 3800%. However, its returns take time (usually months) to compound because you have to build the relationship slowly over time.

Will You Make Mistakes?

Absolutely. Every company tries things that don’t work. But, as long as you remember there is a successful digital marketing mix that will work for you out there, you’ll find it and do just fine.



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