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Email marketing is an inexpensive, effective, and immediate tool to help build your relationship with current customers and solicit new ones. The abundant features of Constant Contact make email marketing easy and rewarding. For organizations who have contemplated sending email marketing to customers, but wonder when the right time is to start–in the words of author Seth Godin, “Soon is not as good as now.”

In its recent US Digital Media Usage report, eMarketer estimates that, in 2012, the audience of internet users in the U.S. will expand by 3.1% to 239 million, representing 75.6% of the total population. Email marketing is an essential tool to reach a wide audience quickly with very minimal investment.

When executed properly, email marketing campaigns can increase brand awareness, website traffic, customer loyalty, and even sales. More cost-effective than traditional direct mail marketing and other advertisement options, email marketing is used by 74% of organizations with less than 100 employees, according to the 2011 Marketer’s Agenda by Aberdeen Group.

The same study also found that organizations using the email marketing software Constant Contact to distribute their messages yielded 36 percent higher open rates and 60 percent greater click-through rates than non–Constant Contact users. Using a reputable tool, such as Constant Contact, is the key to a successful email marketing campaign.

i5ww’s e-mail marketing solutions offer both full service and do-it-yourself e-mail marketing programs that are designed to fit almost every customer loyalty and repeat business advertising need. Constant Contact is our email marketing provider of choice, for several reasons. Over a series of blogs, we will discuss a few major benefits of Constant Contact.

Benefit #1: Deliverability

After investing the time and money into crafting an email marketing campaign, the most crucial priority is that the message actually reaches your subscribers.  Oftentimes, Internet Service Providers will drop emails without sending a bounce message. With Constant Contact, you will always know if your email is being delivered. Their email reports show statistics of how may emails were sent, bounce rate, spam reports, opt-outs, opens, clicks, and forwards.

Constant Contact is a “consent-based” or permission-based email marketing tool. Recipients must have subscribed to your contact list and given specific permission to be sent newsletters or other forms of email marketing. The Constant Contact sign-up page will list your reasons for collecting email addresses and how they will be used. They must accept these terms before being added to the email list.

Permission-based marketing is extremely beneficial, because your contacts want to hear from you—resulting in increased response and click-thru rates. Constant Contact’s comprehensive reporting tools help you further customize your lists for more targeted campaigns.

Constant Contact is on the forefront of new technologies and legal guidelines, offering solutions to optimize your email delivery and minimize SPAM. They automatically integrate new technologies such as email authentication and require each sender to follow steps to remain in compliance with U.S. laws.

All emails sent by Constant Contact include your contact information, including physical address as required by the CAN-Spam Act). Additionally, each e-mail contains a SafeUnsubscribe button, so users can opt out instantly, without the annoyance of replying to the email with “remove from list” in the subject line. Read further about Constant Contact’s anti-spam practices on their website.



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