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As a consumer, do you ever use voice search to at least a small extent? Your internet marketing company may even help you optimize for voice searches…

…and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Staying on top of current trends is smart business.

However, voice search isn’t hugely revolutionary. That’s because it’s basically only a slightly more convenient way of searching. Instead of typing with your (often otherwise occupied) fingers, you use your voice. It’s faster and easier for anyone other than the quickest typists out there—and certainly useful, but not all that big of a deal in the grand scheme of search.

So, What is the Next Big Trend?

The next big thing—which is actually already here—is conversational AI, which you experience through conduits such as Alexa, Google Assistant (on Google Home devices and smartphones), and Apple’s Siri.

The difference now is that instead of simply replacing your fingers with your voice, these “conversational AI”-powered devices search their knowledge repository to provide you with an intelligent answer. The payoff? You receive a more accurate and sophisticated answer than if you had simply performed a manual search.

What This Means to You

A simple voice search calls up the top 10 Google search results, just like it would when you type. However, with conversational AI, a response is read back to you as the only result for that search.

Now do you see the difference? In this primo position, you’ll enjoy a fruitful overabundance of qualified searchers.

How Do You Achieve This Optimal Search Position?

Think about how you, your family, and your coworkers search while using your voice. Do you speak the words and phrases you would otherwise type? Some do, but if you survey enough people, you’ll find that most search conversationally.

In other words, rather than saying “Dallas podiatrist,” you’ll ask a question like, “Who’s the best podiatrist in Dallas?” or perhaps “Who’s the top-rated podiatrist in Dallas and Fort Worth?”

This gives you a better understanding of the searcher’s intent, which you can leverage to create targeted content that answers the most pressing questions. You use simple language consumers understand and avoid marketing or business speak: helping you dominate search engines both now and in the future.



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